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50 procent racji | Ołeksandr Bojczenko

“50 procent racji”  is an excellent series of satirical stories about the life of the citizens of the USSR and later free Ukraine. Their form refers to the tradition of the skazka ( from skazat – to tell), whose master was the somewhat forgottenMikhail Zoshchenko. Undoubtedly, Bojczenko is the master. It’s equivalent to the Czech comedy in prose – seemingly trivial stories that hide deep wisdom and knowledge of contemporary times (the final text in the cycle concerns the year 2015). The author puts his cards on the table. “Generally, it’s good to have a sense of humour. It’s not so good when it’s impossible to explain that joking wasn’t intended”.  The personal essays form a picture of the reality of Czerniowiec, Lviv, Crimea, or Warsaw and Wrocław.  The texts are sharp but also nostalgic, with paragraphs that would bring no shame to any philosopher:

“When I hear someone – no matter which side – start beating their chests and shout out “this is our land,” I immediately imagine a day-old butterfly on a branch of a thousand-year-old Californinan redwood. The creature sits on it, full of plans for the future, and says: “My redwood.”

zielona okładka książki. Na środku w białym kolorze cyfra pięć, za nią w połowie pełna lub w połowie pusta szklanka, w której widać literki układające się w słowo RACJI, za szklanka znak procentu. Obrazek składa się na tytuł książki 50% racji. Po lewej stronie szklanki, mniejszą czcionką nazwisko autora Ołeksandr Bojczenko

Author and Translator