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Szatański pomiot | Zoltán Mihály Nagy

The story of a young Hungarian girl from Zakarpattia whose life is overshadowed by the turbulent history of the region, marked by the invasion of the Russians towards the end of the Second World War and the deportation of the Hungarian population to USSR and their forced labour. Shamed by the Soviet soldiers and despised by the rural communities, Eszter, despite all her fears, decides to give birth to her illegitimate child and fight for the love of her life.

Okładka książki "Sztański pomiot" na okłądce tors nagiej kobiety z głową róży

There are not many authors living in Zakarpattia (and the number of readers is probably even smaller), so I wonder why we had not heard of each other before. It was only after I made a trip to Poland that I learned of the existence of this colleague and his book. The feeling of reading a Polish translation of a Zakarpattian author was also very strange

Andriy Lyubka

For me, “Szatański pomiot” is not about fighting, but about letting go. The world has accustomed us to fighting with everyone for anything and everything, for fulfilment, happiness, or other values, even material ones, but sometimes people find themselves in situations where the goal is not to win, but to survive.

Monika Jurczak

Author and Translator