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Porucznik Piatrowicz i chorąży Duch | Uładzimier Arłoŭ

The uniqueness of this book lies as much in its variety as in its uniformity. The ballads span centuries and include a selection of contemporary and historical figures, from the executioner in the author’s hometown of Polotsk to Renaissance artists from Padua, Casanova, and contemporary Ukrainian poets who share the common interest of the author himself – a poet and historian, traveller and archaeologist of his own life. The reportage-like verism combines with oneirism, lyricism with irony and sarcasm, while the sense of humour is often interrupted by tragedy. Reading the book takes us on a fantastic and fascinating journey through history and the contemporary world.

Okładka książki Uładzimiera Arlou Porucznik Piatrowicz i chorąży Duch. Okładka zielona. Na okładce kontur fazy zachodzącego księżyca

Author and Translator