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Alhierd Bacharewicz | Belarus

(b. 1975 in Minsk) – writer, translator, journalist, he also worked as a teacher. Considered one of the most interesting contemporary Belarusian language writers. As a member of a rock band and the avant-garde poetry group Bum-Bam-Lit, he began from a poetic provocation, later he betrayed poetry for prose but kept the inclination for sarcasm and scepticism.  The author of “Practical Manual for Destroying the Cities (2002) “Natural colouring (2003)  No Mercy for Valiancina H. (2006), Damned Guests of the Capital  (2007), The Magpie on the Gallows (2009), Bacharevič’s Small Medical Encyclopedia (2011), Hamburski rachunak Bacharevica (2012) Shabany. The Story of One Disappearance (2012),  Baharevic’s Calendar (2014 ) No Mercy for Alhierd B. ( 2014) Alindarka’s Kids (2014), translated into Bulgarian, Czech, German, Russian, Slovenian, Ukrainian. So far, the only book of his that appeared in Poland was a collection of short stories  The Gift of Stuttering (a bilingual Polish-Belarussian publication, Kew, 2008). The winner of the prestigious award Literature Prize Hliniany Viales for the Best Book of 2002.  In 2006, he won the survey of the New Europe portal for the best Belarusian writer. Four-time winner of J.Giedroyc Literary Award (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016). He lives in Hamburg, works in Prague, visits Minsk. He is married to Julia Cimafieieva, an established Belarussian translator, poet and the founder and editor  of the popular online literary magazine ПрадзіСвет.

Alhierd Baharevic is a four-time winner of J.Giedroyc Literary Award, granted since 2011 for the best book in the Belarusian language by the Belarusian PEN Club in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Institute in Minsk as well as the independent Belarusian Writers’ Association.

a black-and white portrait of the writer